The Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience ©

Golfers of all abilities and handicap levels have reduced handicaps using my copyrighted putting lesson plan.

If you follow the program for just 4 weeks I guarantee you will become the best putter you can be and you will be more confident over any and all putts.

For over 25 years this lesson plan and my in person clinics have helped golfer develop the proper fundamentals, as well as to actually train the non-conscious to execute without conscious thinking.

For less than the cost of a box of premium golf balls you can now receive my lesson plan booklet compete with color photographs and full instructions. Also included with the lesson booklet is my Putting Doctor Training Aide. All this for just $49.95 plus USPS Priority Mail small box shipping.

In 25 years of service to the golf industry I have had just 2 requests for refund….. why? Because this program works! The only thing you have to loose is handicap strokes!

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