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You've landed on PuttingDoctor.net , welcome!  Here you'll find information, ideas and products to help you to improve and better understand your putting game. 

Glen Coombe is The Putting Doctor.  He is the author / copyright holder of The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson© and The Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience©.

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Our Mission

To lower handicaps for all levels of golfers.  The fastest route to handicap reduction is through putting.  By following my focused putting program you will rapidly become a much more confident player. It is important to state right here on the home page of PuttingDoctor.net that there are many philosophies regarding putting. There are many different putting stroke shapes. My program will help you to work with any modern discipline in putting that is sound.  Join me in the quest for lower handicaps through putting as you explore PuttingDoctor.net.

Putting Percentages


Putt length          PGA-Tour           0-HC         10-HC         20-HC

10' - 15'                   30%                   22%           19%           14% 

15' - 20'                   19%                    5%            10%           17% 

20' - 25'                   12%                   12%            13%            4%  (data courtesy of D. Pelz / Golf.com)

Note that if you are a low double digit handicap your make percentage is the same from 20-25 feet as that of the PGA Tour player.  Realistic expectations are what this web site is all about.  You can make more putts from any distance.  To know your percentages just take the Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience© challenge.  

Tee It Forward

Join originator Barney Adams, The PGA of America, The USGA and The Putting Doctor

Tee it forward and add enjoyment to the game, play at a more enjoyable pace, score! 

Play the appropriate tees for the average length of your drives...

To find the average length of your drives work with your local PGA Professional or club fitter and a launch monitor like FlightScope to "gap check your bag." Know what every club in your bag will give you for yardage and stop guessing.


Company Profile


PuttingDoctor.net is the Internet arm of Glen Coombe, The Putting Doctor / Golf Professional Sales / a.f.a.b., Inc. 

Glen is a "retired" teaching golf professional, golf entertainer and a golf industry independent sales representative. He was also a member of GCAA, The Golf Coaches Association of America.



Contact Information

For information regarding putting instruction, putting clinics and putting products please feel free to call the number listed below or for faster results use the email link or order direct page.

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6297 SE 121st Place, Belleview Florida 34420
Electronic mail
General Information: GlenCoombe@puttingdoctor.net


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