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Truline Greens

The Putting Doctor endorses and uses Truline Putting Greens.  In fact he chose Truline for the putting surface of his unique mobile puttlab.  Nothing else compares for putting practice.  Read below for more details.  Order now for fast shipping.

"I put Truline to the test in my rolling putting studio.  Combined with the SAM PuttLab it is a very unique solution to year round, any weather and almost any location putting analysis.  Truline is THE putting mat of choice," said Glen Coombe, "The Putting Doctor"


Our modular rollout design is perfect for indoor and outdoor personal, residential or putting studio use. Simply rollout your TRULINE Putting Green inside or outdoors. Made from synthetic fibers, our artificial putting greens are virtually maintenance-free and will last for years.

The difference between a great, average, or poor round can often times be the result of how well you are putting that particular round. It is also a fact putting is one of the least practiced parts of our games, especially for the amateur golfer. The major reasons for this are most local driving ranges do not have quality greens on which to practice and most amateurs don't spend time before or after a round practicing on greens at the local course. This is why we developed the TRULINE Indoor Putting Green. It delivers the ideal year-round practice surface that will help build confidence to step up to those five to ten foot putts and drain them every time. 


bullet12’ Long x 65" Wide (stance end), enabling you to stand on the putting surface and putt from various angles
bullet9.9 “Stimpmeter” putting speed
bulletWill not leave “trails” or “grooves”on putting surface
bulletRegulation cup size (4.25” diameter)
bulletAbility to easily create various degree of break (system provided)
bullet"Backstop" to prevent balls from rolling off end of putting surface
bullet18" of putting surface behind the cup (ideal putt believed to roll 17” past the cup)
bulletIndicators may be placed on both sides of green, at any distance, to assist with various practice putting drills
bulletPortable - rolls up easily for storage or transportation. Lightweight.
bulletMade in the USA

 Big Murph $409                              Little Murph $309

New from Truline is the TourSpeed Big and Little Murph.  Now you can putt on greens the speed of tour players... if you dare. 

The TourSpeed mats stimp at 12 vs. 9.8 for the regular Murph's.  Just remember to practice as you play. 

Don't practice on a 12 if you play on an 9 or you'll be coming up short all day!

Big Murph TourSpeed $429                         Little Murph TourSpeed $329


Get your Truline Green personal putting green from The Putting Doctor and we'll also send you a free Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson© and a Putting Doctor Training Aide at no extra charge, a $49.95 value free!

Note! UPS has added cost to the shipping of these large and bulky boxes.  So we've had to pass along these price increases to you our customer.  We apologize but have to add $30 freight charge to ship your Truline Green.  This is a national freight averaging cost regardless of where you live in the continental United States.


Email GlenCoombe@puttingdoctor.net or call 803-316-0524 for more information or use the PayPal button below.

Truline Greens



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