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SAM PuttLab Day
Collegiate Services

Putting Doctor Services
Golf Event Entertainment From The Putting Doctor
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The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson©

Private Instruction with The Putting Doctor, Glen Coombe

The Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience©

A fun filled 90 minute putting clinic

SAM PuttLab Day

A SAM PuttLab Demo Day where participants may have their putting stroke analyzed and evaluated by a SAM PuttLab expert

Scientific Green Reading Clinics
The Putting Doctor teaches the method of green reading the preceded all others and was copyrighted in 1984 by Col. H.A. Templeton.  Many have come since but Templeton's work is sound and the basis for my modern day interpretation.  Join me and find out why scientific green reading is so easy to understand and use.

Collegiate Services

        The Putting Doctor takes collegiate teams to new heights in putting ability.  He combines SAM PuttLab evaluations, putter fitting, focus training and his unique putting clinic into an all day learning experience for college golfers and coaching staff members.

 Golf Event Entertainment From The Putting Doctor




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