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SAM PuttLab Day

SAM PuttLab days are fun and informative days held often in conjunction with The Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience©.  Golfers sign up for a 30 minute stroke evaluation on the SAM PuttLab for a nominal fee.

After just 5 putts the golfer is then shown the six page report generated from the SAM PuttLab.  General tendencies are discussed with the SAM expert and a plan of action is suggested.  A copy of the color report is then emailed to the golfer with a further detailed report by The Putting Doctor..

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See a full sample of the six page print report at

The report becomes a baseline study for the host professional to work from in the future.

Often golfers are looking  for new putters and the SAM will give them a direction and style to focus on.  Custom putter fitting sessions are available on the SAM.

SAM PuttLab days are generally sell-out successes.  Often held in conjunction with multi-vendor demo days the SAM sessions tend to be the "hit" of the day.

Contact us now to schedule a SAM PuttLab Day at your  club.  The SAM day is also a great day for the host professional / director of instruction to become familiar with the SAM PuttLab prior to or at delivery of a new SAM PuttLab.

Key Benefits

bulletA great introduction of SAM technology to your members
bulletSAM wakes up the golfer to putting analysis and game improvement through putting
bulletGolfers make informed decisions and purchase new putters
bulletHost professionals have increased revenue due to opening a new profit center

Even PGA Tour players need help with their putting from time to time.  During a private day of training one such player who was putting 10% below tour average, spent the day with me at his home club in SC.  We worked on fundamentals and pre-shot routine during our morning session.  Prior to lunch we did a second SAM 5 putt baseline analysis.  See below the two test results.

In just 2.5 hours you can see the difference a focused approach to putting can bring.

What can I do for you and your game?



Glen Coombe represents Science and Motion Sports in the Eastern USA and is a Level 3 Certified SAM Instructor. He uses his SAM PuttLab daily.  Contact him for more information at GlenCoombe@puttingdoctor.net or call toll free 888-844-2322.


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