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The Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience© is the clinic format of The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson© developed by Golf Professional Glen Coombe in the late 1980's and copyrighted in 1993.

Participants are entertained and educated in this fast paced ninety minute clinic.  Glen keeps them laughing, at him, as well as themselves. 

A maximum of 8 golfers per clinic assures personal attention and participation from each attendee.

Since 1993 Glen has had 100% positive results and has yet to have a single request for a clinic fee or lesson fee refund!

Glen combines his clinics with a prior day of SAM PuttLab sessions for club members.  Host professionals sell more putters and develop strong lesson bookings.

PGA / LPGA / USGTF members who host a MBGPE© may become Certified Practitioners of this premium lesson plan.


bulletLower scores / handicaps through better putting
bulletUnlock the non-conscious to react to what is seen and unseen
bulletMindset of "I can two-putt any green"
bulletKnowledge of percentage from any distance on the green
bulletRepeatable process of putting routine
bulletA short four week program post clinic to guarantee success

Each participant who attends the MBGPE© receives a Putting Doctor Training Aide as well as a full color hard copy of the experience for review and retention.

Email GlenCoombe@puttingdoctor.net for details regarding hosting a MBGPE© at your club.

Comments from golfers who have taken personal lessons or attended clinics and a few who have only purchased a copy of the MBGPL©. 

Tolver D, Alabama 5/2012

After just one week of practice using the MBGPE© and PDTA© Tolver reports, last 5 rounds total 28 under par.  Missed club course record by one stroke (63) on 5/23/12.  Using Quiet Eye technique has tightened approach shots to make putting even easier.

Mark  C, South Carolina 5/2012  (using Quiet Eye techniques learned in our private 2 hour lesson)

I wanted to update you.  I played four times last week in Myrtle Beach, made lots of putts but the thing I noticed the most was when I only thought about the target my distance control was awesome no matter the slope of the green. Eventually I didn't consciously think about the distance at all.  Pretty Cool! 

Jr. Player, SC 3/2012 (after 1 private lesson with The Putting Doctor)

Dad reports that just 2 weeks after a private SAM PuttLab session with The Putting Doctor a practice round score of 66 from his 16 year old 1 hcp. daughter.  Just 27 putts.

Jr. Player, SC 7/2011 (after 2 private lessons with The Putting Doctor)

Father reports not one but 2 rounds in competition his 14 yr old daughter a 1 hcp. posts 66 each round.  Winner of the 14-18 group by 9 strokes. 

Bob U. Ohio, 11/2010

First off… you don’t charge enough for the help you gave me. 

Second: I took your recommendations to heart and shot 83 at National on Tuesday with zero three putts.  I may have been one of the few that didn’t have at least one three putt that day. 

Daryl T.  West Monroe, LA (received 3-9-10) USGA 21.2 (lower now)

You may not remember me , but I met you at the Rife Demo Day you did at EGolf Nationals in Hilton Head 2009. You fitted me with a new Rife putter the day before competing in Nationals. (you stated it was shortest putter made other than children's and some short women LOL)

I was in D Flight and you convinced me I would putt better after the new putter and lesson even at the last minute. It rained on us during my lesson so I had a quick lesson but did as you recommended and totally changed my putting stroke taking the wrist action out completely.

I am a huge fan of yours now and recommend you to my golfing friends. The result of your work with me is that the first tournament day I shot a 93 which placed me 3rd out of 90+ golfers and allowed me to play in the top foursome our last day. Even though I was two strokes behind starting, three of us playing were all square after the 15th hole. Needless to say I was cool as a cucumber and confident in my putting as I continued plugging away and watched my competitors fall off under pressure and I won the D Flight Nationals after your lesson !

This year I am in C Flight and expect to compete again at Nationals as I work on the rest of my game to go with my now awesome putting game. Take care my friend!

Sharon O, AL   USGA 1.1 

We practiced on Friday and Saturday.  I must say the results were truly amazing.  I find myself putting without thinking....like you said….    …helped me control my speed and tempo. My lags have gotten better only leaving the ball a foot past the whole even on the 30 footers.  My husband and I were so elated after my practice round.

(purchased MBGPL© and PDTA)


Tim P, AZ  USGA 2.7 

Well, I gotta’ say this, two days of using this technique has really improved my putting.

(purchased MBGPL© and PDTA)


Steve L, SC

I played 9 holes later in the day and putted better than I ever have. (following a MBGPE© clinic)


Bob, Hilton Head, SC USGA 14.1

I have now played Harbour Town 7 times and have taken 5 putts per round off my score. I have had the same results at the other courses but was using HT as a comparison. My confidence level is way up.

(MBGPL© student)


Scott, SC PGA / USGTF Golf Professional,

Glen, i just want to tell you that I'm putting lights out!!!  The putting method really works.


Dr. S.,  Highlands NC  USGA 7.8

I worked with the suggestions you made in today’s round and made EVERYTHING! Thank you.

(MBGPE© attendee)


Mike  R, Louisville, KY  4.9  USGA  

My brother and I played the Ocean Course on Kiawah on the 28th and I only had 27 putts for the round and four birdies.  In just one day, I went from making no putts over 15 feet during the prior 4 days to making 2 in one round.  The training aid and drills definitely made a difference and I look forward to dropping 2 - 3 strokes off my handicap in 2010 thanks to your putting techniques.

(PDTA purchase at RIFE demo day)




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