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The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson©
The Putting Doctor Training Aide
Perfect Stroke Pro™
SAM PuttLab
Truline Greens
Perfection Platforms
Green Reading

Doctor Recommended

 The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson©

For the very first time in almost 2 decades you can take advantage of the putting lesson developed and copyrighted by The Putting Doctor, Glen Coombe.

The Putting Doctor Training Aide©

This very simple training aid developed and tested for over 10 years will help you to train your eye and putter to "see square."  Use this in conjunction with The Money Back Guarantee Putting Lesson©.  You will develop a much better setup and routine for putting success.

Scientific Green Reading  "We do the math, you make the putts"

Scientific is the easy way to read the break on the putting green.  Take a 90 minute clinic and learn to read almost any green in under 20 seconds.  Lower your scores with precise reads! 

Focus Band

iFocusBand is coming.  Cutting edge training devices are few and far between.  iFocusBand is the most revolutionary training device of the new decade.  The Putting Doctor is proud to recommend iFocusBand.

Science and Motion Sports  SAM PuttLab           

Simply put this is the state of the art in putting analysis and training.  Ultrasound based input that quantifies 28 parameters in the putting stroke is what separates SAM from everything else on the market.


The first 3D Doppler radar ball tracking system for golf.


Developed by Australian PGA Member and former tour player Mark Officer the PerfectStroke™ has been tested and is in use by The Putting Doctor.  An on plane stroke training aide with proven results

Truline Greens                                                          

The indoor putting greens that roll like the green you putt on!  Truline make the putting surface that is used in The Putting Doctor's rolling puttlab.  Pick your speed and size of green.


Custom-embroidered logo shirts and apparel by Queensboro

4 Piece Embroidery Minimums... Low Low Prices.... a must see.





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