PGA Show 2016

The Putting Doctor Glen Coombe Announces Retirement

Putting Perfection Platforms have been a hot item kicking off 2016 with installations at True Spec Golf in the Jim McLean Academy at Trump Doral as well as at famed Baltusrol Golf Club, the site of this year’s PGA Championship.

The electrically actuated planar putting surface originally designed to work in conjunction with SAM PuttLab is adjustable in pitch from each of four corners to allow straight or breaking putt analysis and training. PPP is also adjustable for uphill and downhill simulation as well.

Designed by Glen Coombe, “The Putting Doctor” the Standard model PPP is 14’ long by 5.5’ wide. Glen said, “I built the original Putting Perfection Platform with a 10’ putt in mind for SAM PuttLab. We wanted an 18” overrun so that golfers could quantify pace and also wanted reasonable comfort for pre-shot routine. “

Priced under eight thousand dollars the turn key installation for fitters, instructors and private users makes PPP a desirable addition to any golf performance studio.

Coombe went on to say, “Having independent electric actuators on each corner opens the door to infinite adjustments. While I don’t advocate working on breaks much more than 4% in slope the PPP can in fact go way beyond what would be considered acceptable pin placement by the USGA for course setup. Our turf materials can be set up with a perfectly flat putt able to roll from 10-14 on the Stimp meter dependent upon material chosen and the amount of stretch we apply during installation.”

Putting Perfection Platforms are scalable to fit any environment. The all-aluminum substructure is unique in its ability to conform to any rectangular or square size. PPP can even be built into a recessed floor as one such installation in the past.

We’re excited to once again be a part of the Science & Motion Sports exhibit at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. We’ll have a shortened 10’ PPP in place and have a hidden surprise for golf professionals. We’ve incorporated the SAM BalanceLab3 into the platform for to help golfers understand the fundamentals of proper posture and ground force during the putting stroke.

Coombe went on to say, “I’m being joined in the SAM booth at the PPP display by Robb Gibb, PGA. “Gibby” is the only other Level 3 SAM Certified Instructor in North America and he will be taking the point on PPP this spring as I step back from my duties, into retirement. I hope you’ll come join us in booth #1489 as we say hello and goodbye. Yes, that’s correct. After 25 years in the golf business it’s time to sail off into the next chapter of my life. I want to thank each and every person who has helped shape my career in the golf industry. From golf professional to sales and back it has been an extraordinary adventure. My planned exit date is one that will only come around every once in a while. February 29th will be the date for my ‘leap’ into retirement.”

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