SWING & Putting Perfection Platforms

In Pursuit of perfection

The all new Swing Perfection Platform (SPP) introduced in conjunction with the 2016 Masters is our major contribution to the golf instruction world. SPP is available now. The Standard SPP is 5′ x 5.5′ and comes with a Divot-Mat for full swing iron practice without the strain of impact on either the golfer or the turf. SPP goes from static level to a maximum of 14% slope or 8 degrees in seconds. SPP brings the world of golf instruction to a new level as we say, “the world and your golf course aren’t flat.”

At the press of a button (2 actually) you can simulate any uphill, downhill or side hill lie. You may also incorporate ground force technology such as SAM BalanceLab to help your student visualize the proper setup and sequence of ground force relative to the shot at hand. Then simply touch the same controllers to return to level and insert a tee to work of the tee box.

SPP is truly plug and play. Simply supply an extension cord to plug into the platform and go. SPP is easy to move and so can be used indoors or out. Practice makes permanent perfect practice makes golf more enjoyable for all ability levels.

The Putting Perfection Platform (PPP) is designed to integrate putting analysis, putt training and entertainment. Used in conjunction with the golf industry reference Science & Motion Sports SAM PuttLab 5.1 the PPP will elevate your game to the highest level.

Putting Perfection Platform is sized to accommodate a ten foot length putt using a scientifically referenced 18” distance behind the center line hole for distance control reference, using the SAM PuttLab and PerfectStroke. The PPP is the state of the art in modular, scalable construction. Overall measurement of the standard PPP is 5.5 by 14 feet but can be scaled to fit any environment.

State of the art construction using extruded aluminum profiles and hardware allows the PPP to be dismantled by a trained technician in a limited time frame.

The Putting Perfection Platform is both solid and light weight. A completely assembled PPP can be stored on edge and raised or lowered by a single operator. (dependent upon extrusion size used)

The PPP uses machined stabilizers for static level on any surface and/or twelve volt electric actuators for motion control.

The putting surface like the framework is state of the art turf material from Truline Putting Greens. Their regular speed material was spec’d but any putting turf may be substituted. TruLine gives stimp meter value in excess of 10 on a level setting which may be controlled with uphill or downhill settings.

PPP offers safe, stable and consistent results. For golf learning centers the PPP offers year round revenue generation regardless of outside weather. Golfers may train at their convenience and instructors may use the PPP in conjunction with putting training aids for straight or breaking putts.

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Here are a few of the installations of The Putting Perfection Platform around the USA

Ohio State University

The Loft at North Jersey Country Club

Putting Perfection Studio