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The Putting Doctor says,

"Play out of your mind, with FocusBand."


 Focus Band practitioners are able to interact and learn new techniques via the FocusBand educational web site, via workshops & webinars.

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Glen Coombe, The Putting Doctor is  proud to introduce

the new Focus Bandô graphical interface. 

Focus Band is ground breaking

wireless EEG technology for focus training. 

Since the game of golf began instruction has followed.

 Instructors and coaches have talked about

focus, intensity and being in the 'zone.' 

All of this has been verbal, conceptual

and passive instruction at best. 

Now in generally less than fifteen minutes student-athletes

can experience what focus actually feels like. 

After just 15 minutes of simple exercises

the putter is introduced. 

Once the process of putting routine is observed

the coach and student

can remedy breaks in focus along the way. 

The FocusBand can then be used

to the same game changing benefit

in full swing analysis as well. 

Due to the wireless interface of the equipment

coaches can observe their students

in actual playing situations. 

FocusBand will be the

game changing technology of 2012.


While the brain is very much interconnected we refer to left and right brain for convenience and simplicity.

When you think about the left brain ability to command up to 40 sequential instructions per second it sounds like a fine way to control your golf swing. 

That is until you understand that your right brain has the ability to handle up to 11 million instructions per second in non-sequential fashion! 

With FocusBand you can learn to shift from left brain conscious control to right brain non-conscious or "The Zone" and you will be amazed at the ability to narrow your targeting and to quiet your conscious mind.




The Focus Bandô contains three sensors that wirelessly transmit brain activity data back to a PC for analysis. The Focus Bandô shows a golfer how to improve their:

1. Focus of Attention

2. Anxiety

3. Muscle tension

4. Shift from left brain conscious thought to right brain non-conscious.


The Focus Bandô uses Audio and Visual Bio-feedback as well as video to train the golfer to focus in on a target or a feeling.

Instructors / coaches have long sought a method of instruction to teach student-athletes the benefit of higher levels of focus.  Until now such equipment was either beyond the financial reach of most or was cumbersome to use in motion intensive activity such as golf.

Now the wireless interface between device and computer opens the door to high performance training for serious golfers and golf professionals.





FocusBand tracks brain waves to indicate 5 important sources

and presents them in a graphical interface

which students find to be very intuitive.




Anxiety : Indicates the users Anxiety levels. 

This is shown as a reddish face on the graphic head.


Muscle Tension : Indicated the level of muscle tension.

Shown on the periphery of the face in a purple color.

We ask the player to clinch their teeth to trigger the graphic and show this factor.


Focus: A wide focus beam of yellow will narrow as focus intensifies.

An audio tone adds biofeedback to FocusBand training.









Mushin:  The Zone! 

Indicated by a blue or deeper blue on the right side of the brain vs. a magenta color of the left brain when in conscious thought or control. 

The audio tone differs again from focus and adds another layer of biofeedback.

After just a few exercises we find narrowed focus and Mushin. 

This is the non-conscious state referred to as "The Zone."










Quiet Eye:  The narrow dark purple beam and spot on the golf ball with corresponding audio tone.  When all three tones sound in your pre-shot you are ready to execute.

When we experience "Quiet Eye" and "Mushin" we allow our non-conscious mind to access experiential memory and what we have trained for appears as if by magic. 

Students quickly learn to control all parameters of FocusBand and therefore become more in tune with their mind-body.

The results are immediately evident and are transferable to pre-shot routine and execution.









FocusBand is ready now to ship to coaches

who want to make the difference. 

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