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Collegiate Services

The Putting Doctor, Glen Coombe offers daily fee services to collegiate golf teams and their coaching staff.

Glen Coombe offers full one and two day seminars of putting analysis, putting instruction, putter fitting, putting clinics as well as an introduction to focus training.

Glen begins his day with a team evaluation one player at a time.  From the initial baseline of  analysis via the SAM PuttLab remedies may be suggested to improve performance, changes in putter style may be offered for trial and short training sessions may be performed on the SAM PuttLab equipment.

Coaches are encouraged to interact during the SAM PuttLab sessions so that they may experience the training and analysis advantages of using the SAM.  Coaches may also have hands on training with the iFocusBand a game changing focus tool which is a wireless EEG computerized setup allowing students to actually quantify their focus ability.

After the team(s) are evaluated Glen will share his Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience clinic and or Scientific Green Reading with all team members and coaching staff.

Coaches and Alumni are urged to contact The Putting Doctor via email at GlenCoombe@PuttingDoctor.net or via telephone at 803-316-0524 to discuss fees and scheduling.


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