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PerfectStroke™ Pro

Perfect Stroke Pro™


PerfectStroke Pro™  is designed and developed by my Australian friend Mark Officer, PGA.  Mark was a talented tour player who has played professional golf around the world.  Mark switched gears a few years ago and began a focus on teaching the game of golf with special emphasis on putting. 

Mark is also a talented instructor and user of the SAM PuttLab.

 I've used the PerfectStroke Pro™ in my teaching and have tested it on the SAM PuttLab.  It is a very sound training device to get you on plane with your putting stroke.  The Perfect Stroke Pro is a perfect addition to your effort to lower your handicap through better putting.

The PerfectStroke Pro™ Golf Putting Aid is one of the few putting aids that will help develop a putting stroke that has a slight arc rather than straight back and through. This happens because the shaft of the putter rests on a straight suspended rail. When you make the stroke both back and through the shaft remains lightly touching the rail which means that the shaft stays on plane but the putter head will move slightly inside / inside. The putter face stays square to the path which allows the face to  open and close slightly relative to the target line. This helps to give the ball the best possible roll. Practice strokes and putts are hit with the shaft resting on either side of the rail to help to develop feel and muscle memory then the suspended rail is removed. There are two different alignment guides which are positioned usually directly over the ball and putter head which help to ensure that the putter face is aimed directly on the target line.

One of these alignment guides is made from clear acrylic which ensures that alignment can be made precisely without obscuring the ball or the putter head.  It also features a small slot directly over the putter head which enables the player to even more accurately align the face square. The base of the Perfectstroke Putting Aid has a reflective tint which helps the golfer to check alignment of the shoulders at address and monitor the shoulder plane during practice strokes.

The benefits of using the Perfectstroke Putting Aid are very easily demonstrated when a player has their putting stroke tested using the SAM Putt Lab. This system uses ultrasound technology to help analyze 28 different components of the putting stroke and dramatic improvements can be shown and made in short periods of time. Using the Perfectstroke Putting Aid a player can consistently align the putter face within 0.2 degrees of square at address from 3 meters, have a stroke path within 0.2 degrees of perfect, and have the face within 0.2 degrees of square to the path. This means extremely consistent results and excellent retention of feel and alignment skills when not using the aid. The Perfectstroke Putting Aid has proven to be the best golf putting aid available when tests are conducted using the SAM Putt Lab.

PerfectStroke instructions on YouTube 

Part 2 of the video instructions are here


What benefits does the PERFECTSTROKE™ Putting Aid provide?

bulletHole more putts
bulletLower your scores
bulletReach your handicap goals
bulletFeel great about putting
bulletPerfect stroke path
bulletPerfect alignment
bulletHelps get your eyes over the ball
bulletHelps develop confidence through muscle memory and feel
bulletTeaches correct clubface control
bulletHelps develop a centered hit
bulletImproves rhythm and timing in stroke
bulletDevelops a consistent stroke
bulletHelps you to learn about break in greens
bulletProvides the smoothest and most natural stroke of any golf putting aid available

"The reason I choose the Perfectstroke over other putting plane aids is it allows the player to assume use their own preferred set up position which affects the path that the putterhead travels on and encourages this rather than forcing the player to swing on a perceived perfect plane that in most cases does not suit the player"
Glen Whittle AAA PGA Member
Head Coach - Golf NSW Institute of Sport  

I have recently started using a Perfectstroke Putting Aid in my teaching and I have found it a huge help in helping my students to understand and improve their stroke path and clubface control.
Scott Munroe
US Top 100 Instructor

See page 2 for more info on Perfect Stroke Pro

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