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PerfectStroke™ Pro

The PerfectStroke™ Pro Version has all the benefits of the original PerfectStroke™ but it also includes a very practical elastic line and aiming cup. The underneath part of the base also has lines marked on it which represent degrees open or closed, right or left from a distance of three meters. When using the Pro Version with the SAM Puttlab it then gives relevance to the data which indicates misalignment of putterface aim or stroke path. It can also be used to help practice breaking putts or do tests and measurements with breaking putts on the SAM Puttlab.
There are at least 19 different ways to use the PerfectStroke™ Pro system on the putting green which ensures that putting practice is always interesting and there is variety in practice. The PerfectStroke™ Pro helps to improve alignment of the face at address and impact, provides perfect stroke path and improves the face relationship to path as well as many other benefits. The elastic line can be run towards the hole with the base unit being displayed with the vertically marked degrees lines facing the player. Straight putts can be hit anywhere under the line and breaking putts can be hit by moving the line along the base unit. The elastic line can be used as an extension of the alignment strip in the normal set up of the PerfectStroke™ Pro which provides excellent feedback on the starting direction of putts as well as training the eyes to see straight lines. The aid can also be used very effectively for training with breaking putts with this setup, which also helps a player to learn how much putts are actually breaking.

Instructions for the PerfectStroke Pro can be viewed on YouTube

The second part of the instructions are here

The PerfectStroke™ Pro has found a place in my putter demo days as well as my instruction with both amateur and professional golfers. The PerfectStroke™ Pro provides perfect feedback on stroke path and impact.  I highly recommend this product to instructors and every golfer.

Glen Coombe, “The Putting Doctor”
South Carolina



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