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PDTA Instructions

The Putting Doctor Training Aide

 The Putting Doctor training aid is a remarkably simple device that allows golfers to see, aim and putt better than ever before. In two short weeks of everyday use the Putting Doctor will retrain your putter and your eyes, "to see square."  The Putting Doctor says, "If you can see the line, you can putt the line."


Key Benefits

bulletUse it anywhere, indoors or out
bulletTwo sided tape adheres the PDTA to the floor for traction indoors
bulletTrain your eyes to see the putting line
bulletRe-educate your putter face to square
bulletCheck the lie alignment of your putter with PDTA
bulletCarry it in your pocket or golf bag

Pricing For The Putting Doctor Training Aide™ and The Money Back Guarantee Putting Experience©

Description SKU # Price
Putting Doctor Training Aide


MBGPE© + PDTA Free MBGPE 49.95
USPS Priority Mail


Reduce Your Handicap

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