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Glen G. Coombe

The Putting Doctor


“The Putting Doctor Training Aide”


   Place the Putting Doctor Training Aide (PDTA) on the floor with the arrow painting at a target. Placing the PDTA parallel and close to a baseboard will allow you to use the baseboard as a reference for your stroke path.  If you can line up on a hardwood floor T-intersection showing an aim line and a 90 degree end even better.  The two sided tape on the back will allow the PDTA to have some traction.

   Bring the face of your putter into direct positive contact with the back of the mirror to train your eye and putter face to see square.  Build your stance as normal. If you’re in proper position only your left eye will appear in the mirror (right eye for you lefty's) where you would expect the ball to be.  You should not see your nose, just your left eye. Square your stance by having both feet on the same line parallel to the target line.


   With your setup complete just rotate your head / eyes down the target line to simulate looking at the target. Your head only moves on top of or at the end of your spine.  Eyes are now on plane. When your eyes come back to the putter head allow a slight delay to simulate "quiet eye." Stroke over the mirror with a rhythmic shoulder rock keeping your left eye steady in the mirror. You will clear the mirror as you swing forward if you have sufficient rise. You may have to shorten up on your grip if you’ve been too far inside the target line.  This may indicate your putter is too long.  Stroke Steady! Hold your finish for the count of three and then analyze the face angle relative to the outcome of the putt.

  The result after practice will be a rock solid stroke with your eyes aiming down the line.  Leave the mirror and your putter in place.  I have mine in the hallway.  The mirror is just out from the baseboard and the putter leans against the wall.  Each time you pass this putting station stop and assume the proper setup position and make a stroke or two and then go on with what you where doing.

   The idea is to train your stroke to be rock steady, your routine to be the same each and every putt, and to train our eyes to see square as well as to look down the intended line of the putt.

   Keep your Putting Doctor training aid in place for a minimum of two weeks.  Repeated practice will have your new setup ingrained, your eyes over the line, and your stroke rock steady without sway, and your putter aimed square to the target line.

   You can check the lie angle of your putter by standing the mirror up about two feet down the line and viewing the putter face from address.

  Please report on your success.  GlenCoombe@puttingdoctor.net


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